Frequently Asked Questions

Excelonz is an online education tool, which aims to partner with parents, teachers and schools in their quest to build a solid foundation using regular practice. It helps children master fundamental concepts across 5 subjects – Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies and General Knowledge and is for children studying in class 1st up to class 8th

For Children:

Excelonz creates an environment where children do not feel burdened to practice their course material. It sets concept practice in the form of a game and reinforcement of learning happens naturally. Children are motivated as the sessions are interactive and challenging and we make them feel as if practicing a topic is like playing a game. There are 5 levels of difficulty for every topic and children are motivated to strive to cross more levels as there are Excelonz reward points to be won for every correct answer and every level crossed, as well as Badges and Trophies for reaching significant milestones. The sessions are unlimited and draw from our huge databank of thousands of objective questions. Our topics cover curricula of all major boards.

Children also have the option of playing live Play-offs on academic topics with their peer group and can take advantage of various other exciting features like Scheduling revisions, taking tests, tackling HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions or downloading experiments to do at home. There are many more exciting features on the way.

For Parents & Educators:

Excelonz provides very detailed reports on topic coverage, performance as well as progress of the child to help understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide early indicators of areas where a child may need support in improving concept clarity and building a stringer conceptual foundation. We also have an ongoing proprietary skills mapping for each child, which builds a skill picture of the child as he or she practices on Excelonz. These are skills which are integral to good performance on a particular subject and by mapping a child’s skills and providing the inputs to parents and educators, we help them identify core areas of strength and weakness in the child; these inputs go a long way in helping parents & educators address learning issues and build upon a child’s strengths in a holistic manner.

Excelonz is available for 5 key foundation subjects –

Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies and General Knowledge for children studying in Class 1 to 8.

Excelonz is for children studying in Class 1 to 8.

Topics within subjects are the key ingredients of a curricula. Our coverage spans an extensive depth of topics across various curricula's/boards, which gives our children enhanced exposure to concepts and topics. The curricula's that we are currently covering are:

CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB / State Boards 

We cover topics prescribed by most major education boards and therefore your child would actually be exposed to many more topics than what is prescribed by a single board.

To view our detailed subject-wise coverage, Click here

Our key features are:

Unlimited Practice: Practice for children of Class 1 to 8 on Maths, Science, English, Social Studies & General Knowledge. We have a database of thousands of questions of varying levels of difficulty, which makes each practise session unique and amplifies the learning application of the child.

Application based questions with progressive challenge: We have a huge databae of application based question to reinforce learning. Our children tackle tougher questions as they progress across levels.

Revisions & Tests: We try to instill better study time planning and management in our children by helping them schedule their revisions and target completion by a certain date. There is an option to take practice tests of various lengths for each topic.

Play Off with friends: Our children can build a little competitive spirit by playing a real time game called a Play Off on any topic with a few of their peers.

Performance insights: Our detailed reports for parents and educators provide keen insights into the child’s topic coverage, performance across topics, progress as well as their inherent skills, strengths and weaknesses at a conceptual level. 

Earn Rewards: We motivate children to use Excelonz by providing an exciting Excelonz rewards points program, which focuses on positive reinforcement as well as offering Badges & Trophies on clearing major learning milestones. Coupled with the progressive challenge, this drives children to do better.

Download Worksheets:With our worksheet option, you can prepare and download worksheets for your children to practice offline.

You should subscribe to Excelonz if you would like to provide your child with unlimited practice material throughout the foundation years to build a strong conceptual foundation. Our platform helps inculcate self-motivated practice as a habit in your child and we consistently build challenge for children to encourage them to apply their learning at deeper levels. We use a variety of tools in an interactive, gaming environment to motivate children to use their online time fruitfully. What’s more our detailed reports help you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses at a very early stage; something that will help you address and maximize your child’s potential in the long term.

Children can access and practise, take a practice test or schedule a Play Off with friends at Excelonz at any time of the day, 7 days a week. There are no restrictions. Our belief is that children should develop a self-motivation for practise and learning and every minute the child spends on our platform should enrich them.

Our goal is to help children build strong conceptual foundations by applying what they have learnt in the classroom to different levels of challenging questions. We are not a tutorial site but we believe with regular application based practice children will be able to strengthen their conceptual foundation and exam preparation, which will go a long way in improved academic performance.

Yes they can, provided they have their own separate accounts or subscriptions. In that case they will require separate computers if they need to login and practice at the same time.

We understand that all parents want their child to perform well in academics. Excelonz provides a platform for a great concept foundation by providing unlimited practice from the best of curricula’s. By encouraging self-motivated practice we build a child’s commitment to academics and simultaneously provide parents with detailed assessment reports at a topic level to help them establish a progress road map for their child’s future.

Parents get insights into their child’s strengths and weaknesses at a topic level which can enable them to identify the child’s weak areas for remediation. We believe that with continuous practice children will be able to convert the weaknesses into strengths.

Our detailed assessment reports provide information on the child’s performance and progress over a period of time.

Excelonz provides parents with reports on:

- Coverage status of topics in each subject

- Performance of the child on each topic covering, speed, accuracy, time spent and how the performance compares with the peer-group

- Strengths and Weaknesses of the child at a topic level

- Progress Maps for each topic detailing how the child’s performance has moved over a period of time

- The child’s skill map for each subject.

You can access your child’s reports anytime through your login Id to review her/his reports.

A skill is an ability or capacity that may be inherent or is acquired through sustained effort and for each sphere of life there are certain core skills required for a person to be proficient in that sphere. For example a creative profession may require lateral thinking or visualization as core skills. We believe that each child has their own canvas of skills and if she/he is allowed to pursue activities where their core skills lie they are much more likely to be successful in that area. One of our focus areas is to provide inputs to parents and educators, which would help recognize the individual potential of each child that can be harnessed and developed. In addition it is a significant input for parents and educators to develop progress plans for their children around core-skills, which would have a much more far-reaching effect on performance than simply remedying a concept.

For more information about Excelonz and to schedule a meeting please send your detailed query at

Yes we have special features for educational institutions. Our endeavor is to become enablers for educators to help them evaluate and enhance every child’s performance potential. Our core modules for each child for whom the educator wants to provide the platform remain the same; however, Excelonz provides reports that are customized for the needs of an educator whose objective is to review and enhance the performance of a group of children. Children can use all the practice tools under the educator’s guidance to enhance their performance. We are in the process of adding many more exciting features for educators so please do watch this space for more!

For bulk subscriptions, please email us at and we will get in touch with you immediately.

That’s really simple! You have to go on Excelonz home page and click on “Sign Up” button. You will then need to choose the package you want for the child and “Add to Cart”. If you have a discount offer code, you can enter the same and click on the “Apply” button. Once this is done, click on “Checkout” button. And you would be re-directed to registration page. Follow the registration process and create the parent’s account and your child’s account. You would be taken to the “Billing & Order Summary” where you confirm your order details and pay the subscription online. Once complete, Log out and check your registered email for our mails. In case you have not received any mail from us please check you spam mails. In case our mail is reflecting in spam, direct it to inbox and declare it safe for future communication. You will receive separate mails for yourself and one each for respective children. Please note down / remember the Login Id’s and passwords as advised in the mail. You will need these to login. Now go to Excelonz home page and click on “Member Log In”. The child can now login with his / her Id / Password and start using the platform instantly.

To add another child Log In to Excelonz through your Parent Id and click on “Add Child”. Fill in the details and click on “Add Child and Subscribe”. You would be taken to Pricing page where you need to choose the package you want for the child and “Add to Cart”. If you have a discount offer code, you can enter the same and click on the “Apply” button. Once this is done, click on “Checkout” button. You would be taken to the “Billing & Order Summary” where you confirm your order details and pay the subscription online. Once complete Log out and check your registered email for our mails. In case you have not received any mail from us please check you spam mails. In case our mail is reflecting in spam, direct it to inbox and declare it safe for future communication. Please note down / remember the Login Id’s and passwords as advised in the mail. You will need these to login. The child can now login with his / her Id / Password and start using the platform instantly.


You can register any number of children through a single parent account.


Excelonz offers a limited period free trial subscription. After that period standard pricing plans will be applicable. The longer you subscribe and more subjects you opt for, the better value for money you get! Our pricing is as low as Rs. 125 per subject per month.

Please view our Pricing page to see the plan options.

-       With a 12 month subscription you can cover the current class for your child along with the next class for the balance subscription period. Eg. If your child is in Class 4 and you take the subscription on 15th June’13 for 12 months, he/she can practice class 4 topics till March’14. Post which he/she would be entitled to practice class 5 till the end of subscription period i.e 14th June’14. All you have to do is advise us when you want the next class to be activated.

-       Your child covers topics as and when thought in class, this reduces pressure on the child and he/she can cover the topics comfortably. Also they can spend more time and practice many more questions.

-       12 month with all 5 subjects comes to you at the best price.

You can pay for your subscription online via a credit or debit card. Our interface is absolutely safe and follows the highest levels of encryption to protect your data and transaction.

It is mandatory for the payment gateway service provider to conduct due-diligence in terms of statutory compliance, financial stability, credibility  etc. of the organization before agreeing to provide their service. 

Similarly we selected the payment gateway provider basis their tie ups with various banks, their service and security records. Our payment gateway is PCI DSS certified and SSL secured, which is one of the mandatory requirement for the safety of customer credentials.  The payment gateway passes the customer details in encrypted form to bank server, so that no one can hack the data through internet. You can see various seals of security certifications such as VeriSign and Trust-e, which show that our payment systems are protected.

It is not mandatory to share both parents’ details. We require at least one parent’s details for creating an account.

Once you (Parent/Teacher) have registered you can log in from the “Member Log In” link on the home page using the email id and password you have registered with us.

The child can log in from the “Member Log In” using the User Id sent to the parent’s email at the time of registration. The child’s password is what the parent had set during the registration process; however, children can change their password on subsequent logins.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password by clicking on “Request new password” link under “Member Log In” on the home page. You need to share the child’s user ID in case of a child account or the parent’s registered email id in case it is the parent’s account for which the password was forgotten. A login link will be sent to the parent’s registered email ID that will allow the child or parent to login in post which the password of the concerned account needs to be reset immediately as the login link is valid only for 24 hours.

Passwords can be reset by going to the “My Account” page and using the “Edit Details” option.

After you enter your login details, you can go on “My Account” page to edit your profile. Don’t forget to save them.

Excelonz is a paid website and it is wrong to share your passwords with anyone else. Also, the student’s reports will be grossly inaccurate if multiple children use one account.

As per our ‘Terms and Conditions’, we reserve the right to suspend a subscriber’s account in case of shared passwords.

After you log in to Excelonz, you can either go to My Dashboard and use the Practice link for the Subject you want to begin practicing or you can click on the “Lets Practice” button to select the subject you want to practice.

Once the subject is selected you will see the topic selection page.

On the Topic selection page, the topics are organized by 4 categories: Mastered, Covered, Started and Not started.

Pick any topic and use the “Start Practice” link to get going!

Every practice session is timed and the same reflects in the report. If the child does not “Finish” the session the timer keeps clicking E.g If the child has practice 10 questions in 6 mins, but doesn’t finish the session till next day, the report will show 10 questions done in 22 hrs. This would be misleading and incorrect. The system has therefore been configured such that if the child does not “Finish” the session beyond a stipulated time, the system will not report the time for that session. It is therefore very important that one MUST “Finish” the session as soon as one stops the practice session.

A mastered topic is one where you have crossed the highest level of difficulty and you have been able to tackle questions of a very high level of difficulty. Mastering a topic also earns you a Master Trophy for that topic!

A covered topic is one where you have crossed Level 3 of difficulty and entered Level 4.  We believe a topic is covered once you have been able to answer a reasonable mix of questions of various levels of difficulty. Covering a topic earns you a “Learner Badge” for that topic!

A topic reflects under Started Topics if you have started practicing a topic but haven’t reached the “Covered” level (Crossed Level 3). You will typically be on Levels 1, 2 or 3 for such topics. Once you Cover the topic i.e. you cross over into Level 4 the topic will show under your covered topics.

Not Started topics are the ones where no practice has been done yet. 

You can do as many practice sessions as you want to in any topic of your choice

There is no set number of questions you need to do. You can answer as many questions for as long as you want to in a practice session.

The practice questions are presented in a variety of formats to make it more interesting and stimulating for children. Some of the questions types are:

-Multiple Choice Questions

-Fill in the blanks

-True or False

-Match the following

-Un-jumbling the jumbled word/sentence

To answer a question, you will either select one of the options listed, or fill in a blank or drag and drop the options to match or unjumble a question.

Once done, Mr. X will ask you if you are sure.  If you are, click “ Yes” to see if you answered the question correctly.  If you aren’t sure of your answer choice, you can click “ No” and select another answer.

Mr. X lets you know if your answer is correct or not. In case you got the answer wrong, your answer will be highlighted in red while the correct answer will be highlighted in green. 


That’s very easy! You simply have to decide which option is the best answer and then click on it. Remember, every correct answer earns you an Excelonz point!

You will need to type in your answer in the blank spaces displayed on the page. In case you make a spelling mistake or want to change you can use the “Clear text” box at the bottom of the answer box or move the cursor to 1 particular space and delete your entry if that’s the only one you want to change. It is important to remember that every empty slot is for either an alphabet, digit, punctuation or mathemetical symbol.

Mr. X will ask you if you are sure only once you have filled in all the blanks!

(Hint: J so in case you have a space or two left over after filling your blank you know the answer probably isn’t right)

To answer this type of question, you will have to drag the correct answer option from the second column and drop it to the empty box placed right next to the question in the first column.

Remember, you will earn a reward point only if you get all the matches right

For these questions, you need to drag and drop the pieces of the jumbled puzzle one by one to the answer box in the order in which you think is correct. You will see the answer forming as per your selection, just below the drop- box.

Sure you can. After you select your response, the Excelonz will ask you “Are you sure?” This is the time you can select the option “No” to change and re-select your answer option.For Fill in the blanks you can also use the “ Clear Text” option at the bottom of the answer box to rewrite your answer. Here is no way how you can go back once you click "Yes".

If you have made a spelling mistake when answering this question type, you can correct your error by using the “ Clear Text” option at the bottom of the answer box to rewrite your answer

This is the best part! You earn Excelon points every time you answer a question correctly! You get bonus Excelonz every time you cross a level

To earn an Excelonz point in match-the-following question, you need to get all the matches right. Otherwise you will not earn any Excelonz point for that question.

There are 5 levels of difficulty for every topic.

The Level-O-Meter on the display shelf -this is on the right side of your page- will show you your current level for that topic.

You can also use the “View Results” link on the top right corner of the Subject boxes on the dashboard to see your current level and other performance details for every topic.

To move up the levels you have to get the answers right. As you keep getting more answers right your questions get tougher and you move up the levels.

No, the level does not move down, but to go the next level you have to give 15 correct answers at each level in any topic during a practice session.

This may happen when you are getting several answers wrong successively in the topic you are practicing. This is to ensure you practice again and get to attempt the correct answers to help you move to the next level.

Absolutely not! When you finish a session and come back to it later, you will re-start at the level where you left off.

We have lots and lots of questions so this wont happen but if you do see a message it means something has gone wrong, so just finish your current session and re-start another one. You wont lose your level or the practice you have done so far.

Yes you can always practice some more even if you have finished all the topics in a subject. It will help you in understanding that concept better so can master it. Also, it will help you do well in your class tests or assessment in that topic

We have a huge data bank of questions so continue to practice and even if you have mastered a topic, you will still be able to get loads of mixed difficulty questions. 

Excelonz are reward points that you earn for each correct answer anytime you are practicing. You also earn bonus Excelonz every time you cross a level of difficulty.

Basis the success and acceptance of the Excelonz Reward System as a motivator for children, we may make provisions for redemption of these reward points against a product and / or service, though with some conditions.

Learner Badges are earned when you have covered a topic i.e. when you have crossed Level 3 of difficulty and entered Level 4 for that topic. A Learner badge indicates that you have covered the topic.

Master trophies are awarded once you cross the 5th difficulty level- the highest and last one. This means that you have been able to apply your learning of that topic to much more advanced conditions and you can tackle pretty much any kind of question around this topic you mastered.

That would depend entirely upon you. The more correct answers, the more Excelonz points you earn.  You win a Learner Badge for every topic you cover and you win a Master Trophy for every topic you master!

To view all your rewards, badges and trophies, you can visit your Rewards Gallery after you log in to Excelonz from the “ View Gallery” link on the rewards panel on your dashboard.

Basis the success and acceptance of the Excelonz Reward system as a motivator for children, we may make provisions for redemption of these reward points against a product and / or service, though with some conditions. 

All the topics that you have covered will appear on your revision list i.e. topics for which you have crossed level 3 and reached level 4. After all, you first need to do some basic practice on a topic to revise it later right?

Your revision list contains only those topics marked as covered or mastered; the reason being we want you to go through some basic practice and at least cover a topic before you start revising it. All topics for which you have at least crossed level 3 and reached level 4 will be available for revision.

Go to the Revisions link on the top bar and you will be taken to the revision page where “ Set a Revision” is the active page. The topics are organized by subject and all you need to do is select a target completion date any time in the future and click on “ Schedule Revision”

The idea of setting a target date for a revision is to help children learn a little bit of time management and scheduling. Further this helps create a trigger for revision just before an upcoming test or exam.

You can see the number of pending revisions on your (child’s) dashboard in a box on the right panel.  You can click on it to go straight to your list of open revisions. Alternatively, go to the Revision page using the links on the top panel and click the Start my revision button.

As soon as you schedule a revision for a topic, it moves to your revision list which you can see under “Start my revisions” on the Revisions page.

You can take a test anytime for a topic that is available to revise. You first need to schedule a revision for that topic to activate the tests; then go to the “Start My Revisions” section on the revisions page and choose from 4 different test durations

There are no limits to the number of tests you can take.

There are 4 types of tests:

-15 Questions in 10 minutes

-20 Questions in 15 minutes

-30 Questions in 20 minutes

-40 Questions in 30 minutes

These different test options allow you to choose your testing time so that you can test your self for both speed and accuracy on a given topic.

Revisions can be done as tests or simple revisions at any time for a topic that is available on your revision list. Which is after you cross level 3 of that topic.

A test is a timed session with a fixed number of questions and a given time limit. There are four time & number-of-question options to choose from if you decide to take a test.

A general revision allows you to practice random questions across different difficulty levels on a given topic without setting a time limit.

Yes you earn Excelonz during revision sessions also

No. Your current level for a topic is fixed at the level you were at when you last did a practice session on that topic. Revisions have no impact on the level you have managed to reach during practice sessions.

You can close the revision after you are satisfied that you do not need to revise that topic further.

Yes. Every topic which you have covered stays in your revision list even after you schedule a revision for it once and subsequently close the revision. You can reschedule a revision for a topic at any time. Again this is unlimited- revise as much as you’d like.

No. On Excelonz you can only take online tests. We do not provide any sample or model papers or any off-line content or CD-ROM/DVD as of now.

Excelonz’s “Play Off” is a speed and accuracy game on any topic with up to 5 participants online in real time. It allows children to play a 15 minute game together to test their performance vis-a-vis their peers. So whether it’s any other day or exams are around the corner, our children get that extra competitive edge to drive them to do better.

You can invite up to 4 friends to play with you. But you will need to know their user name or user id to be able to send a Play Off invite. The other players must be subscribed on Excelonz. You can only invite other players who are in the same class as you but not necessarily in the same school or city.

Up to 4 friends can join you in a Play Off.

You will receive an alert in your Notification menu which will inform you about your pending Play Off invitations, if any. You need to accept or reject the invitation to intimate the person who is convening the Play Off.

You could also see your pending invitations on the "Pending" invitations tab on the Play Off page.

You can accept or reject the Play Off invitation from your friend 

Play Off is supposed to start at a pre-appointed time. The person who has convened the Play Off has to start the Play Off from his or her Play Off page.

The Play Off CANNOT start unless the organizer starts the same! So please don’t organize one and forget to start it!

Yes you can practice anytime, even when you’re waiting for a Play Off to start.

If you are practicing while waiting for a Play Off to begin, you will see a Play Off starting banner on your right wall panel in your practice session.

Yes you can see who all are playing and what their progress is on a slider bar. Once the game is over, you will be informed about the ranking and the number of correct answers given by each player.

Your past Play Off record can be seen on the Play Off dashboard on the bottom right panel.

Children can see their subject-wise reports using the view results link on the top right corner of each subject box on their dashboard.

For each Subject, Parents can see reports on:

-General Topic coverage: this is a snapshot of the extent of topics covered by the child and broad information on how many topics have been covered, mastered etc.

-Topic-wise Performance: This provides detailed insight into the number of questions done, accuracy levels, global percentiles etc.

-Progress Report: This graphical report shows the progress path of each child as he or she moves across levels.

-Skill Report:  This reports provides the child’s skill map for each subject indicating levels of proficiency at each skill associated with a given subject.

Teachers can view reports of all students together or an individual assigned to them. Again the reports are based on Topic Coverage, Performance details at a topic level as well as progress charts and skill maps.

Teachers also have the option to look at reports from a curricula point of view E.g. for a given topic, what class performance looks like.

Percentiles are used to compare your score to the scores of everyone else who is doing the same activity. A global percentile informs you how you are faring in comparison with other children in the same class. For example, if you scored in the 90th percentile in a topic, that means you scored better than approximately 90 percent of children who practiced that topic. 

A report graph will record your progress over a period of time.  It plots the number of questions it has taken a child to move across levels and whether performance has improved or dipped across a period of time. It also compares the child’s performance Vs. the best possible performance for going from level 1 to level 5 i.e. mastering a topic which is basically the best possible way to master the topic through all correct answers.

The strengths and weaknesses of the child are indicated on the main performance page of the report for any subject.

Strengths and weaknesses on a given topic are only determined after the child had covered the topic i.e. reached level 4. We base the assessment on the speed and accuracy levels of the child.

The skill map indicates the child’s proficiency at various skills associated with a subject. The notation is in simple percentage format and is to be read like any other score on a percentage scale. Obviously a higher percentage score on a skill means higher proficiency.

Each of our questions tests a particular kind of skill. Once adequate questions testing a particular skill have been attempted by the child a score is created.

Skill explanation can be found on the report page itself

A low score on a particular skill does not mean your child is deficient in any manner. These scores simply seek to quantify what your child is inherently good or capable at. As a parent or educator you may choose to assess if certain skills based on lower scores need development support for the child specially if you believe they would be critical to the child’s performance in his or her area of choice. There may be other skills where the scores are lower but if it isn’t even an area of the child’s interest and if you intend to use this skill mapping in directing the child towards pursuits where he has inherent ability, a low score on such skills would seem irrelevant. Skill mapping is just about trying to map the inherent abilities and proclivities of our children

Brain Teasers or HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions have now been prescribed by the National Curriculum Framework 2005 to encourage children to employ their cognitive abilities better. They challenge conventional rote based learning and encourage higher order application of concepts.

Pretty Simple! Each Experiment can be downloaded from the Home Experiments page. You could either use your laptop or print the download and follow the directions to conduct the experiments at home. They are meant to be done using regular household items.

Please click on the “Help and support” link on every page on the website and state your query on the support tab. You may find some answers pop up on the left panel as soon as you start typing your question. These answers are from our current knowledge bank and more often than not you will find an answer to your query before you even send it! If you do however have a question you cannot find an answer to, feel free to send in your query and we will respond to you at the earliest.

At all times, our endeavor is to provide good quality and class appropriate questions and answers. But if you ever come across a question that is wrong or if a question has a wrong answer, we would appreciate your help in reporting it. Please send a email to or easier still click on the “Help and support” link available on every page on the website and state the question id and what you thought was wrong with it.The question Id is available for each question on the practice pages, under the heading for the Subject & Topic. A question ID looks like: MATH/5/06/00123.


Question IDs are available for each question on the practice pages, under the heading for the Subject & topic. A question ID looks like: MATH/5/06/00123

Excelonz recommends Firefox 18+ and upwards, Google Chrome, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 8+. Older browsers may not display pages properly so we recommend you update your browser software before you get started for the best possible performance.

You can practice on Excelonz using net connection through your dongal / sim but for optimum speed we recommend broadband connection.

While you can use Excelonz on a tablet, we currently recommend you use a computer or laptop to access Excelonz. We will be shortly coming out with a dedicated tablet version soon!