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Over 200,000 questions and growing
across 400+ topics. We have your child's course covered
Unlimited Practice sessions, Revisions and Tests
Let your child practice at their own pace
Practicing Online is Fun and Interactive
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5 ‘Beginner to Genius’ difficulty levels
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Get Detailed Performance Reports
which tell you how well your child is doing
Practice offline
on Excelonz worksheets to help your child excel at that upcoming test
Customized worksheets
that let you decide what level of challenge your child needs
All worksheets at topic level
that help your child master a topic
Create, Download and Print
a worksheet within minutes
Create and save your worksheets
print when required

Subjects and Topics for Classes 1 to 8

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“Rohan now loves to practice subjects at home
instead of playing video games. ”
Excelonz has been
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tution, Excelonz
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learn on his own”.
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such an affordable
New Delhi


Tap into your child’s genius
An extra edge

Unlimited practice sessions, Revisions and Tests for your child.

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Your pace, your way

Practice online or download our worksheets.

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One-stop shop

All your child's
practice needs
met in 1 place.

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In-depth reports

On Performance, Skills, Progress, Strengths & Weaknesses.

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Challenge, rewards and fun

To build motivation and confidence.

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Ready to make your child a genius.