Practice is the key to grow your child’s genius

Find all the practice material your child needs everyday. Let your child practice online with extensive interactive material or simply use Excelonz worksheets for regular supervised practice

Excelonz is an online self-practice
program that helps children master concepts

Classes 1 to 8

Social Studies
General Knowledge

All major boards covered

State Boards

Premium content

400+ topics across all subjects
Over 200,000 questions
Multiple objective formats
Knowledge and application based questions

For every ability

5 levels of difficulty in all topics
Progress from basic Learner level to Master levels

Practice your own way.
Online or Offline.

Practice Online

Objective type questions Up to 5 levels of difficulty Online revisions and tests Unlimited practice sessions

Practice Offline

Customize the worksheet to your child’s ability
Download. Save. Print.
Every worksheet is unique
Create worksheet at topic level

Get better prepared


  • Begin revisions after completing Learner level (Level3)

  • Unlimited sessions

  • Track your revised/ non-revised topics

  • Schedule revisions before tests and exam

  • Online reminders


  • 100s of tests available on all topics

  • Multiple test options of different duration and # of questions

  • Schedule tests as part of exam preparation

  • Reminder alerts

Performance and Progress

Performance Reports

Detailed reports for each topic on:

  • Time spent

  • Number of questions attempted

  • Accuracy

  • Level achieved

  • Peer rank

Strength and Weaknesses

  • Identify the child’s strength and weaknesses at a topic level

  • Assessments based on ongoing practice to get the true picture

Progress Track

  • View practice progress for
    each topic

  • Graphical representation of
    the progress path

  • Compare progress with
    best and median
    performance based on
    peer group

Skill Mapping

  • Every question tests a
    particular skill

  • Ongoing skill mapping after
    every practice sessions

  • Detailed skill mapping to
    determine the child's
    inherent abilities

Challenge, Motivation and Fun

The engaged learner

  • Up to 5 difficulty levels in each topic

  • For children of every ability

  • Multiple question formats, e.g. multiple choice, fill in the blanks, matching, unjumbling, etc.

  • Knowledge and application based questions

Rewards Program

  • Earn unlimited Excelonz reward points as you practice

  • Bonus reward points after crossing every Level

  • Learner Badge for every topic on reaching Level 4

  • Crack the Level challenge to earn the Master Trophy for

Play Off with friends

  • Invite up to 4 friends to compete in a Play Off on any topic

  • Schedule any number of Play Offs

  • Compete in real time

  • Win bonus Excelonz

Home Experiments and Brain Teasers

  • Simple experiments to do at home

  • Build interest in Science

  • Wide variety of topics for all ages

  • Separate section on questions based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)